a collective of artists exploring the ancient, contemporary and unfolding
dig deep. get dirty.

Inclusion: TAPROOT artists spend their time developing meaningful relationships with individuals from all walks of life in an effort to move towards equity and inclusion in every experience.

Participation: Participation for some means functioning as a silent witness. For others, participation comes in the form of storytelling, imbibing, wandering through the space or role play. We create permissive space for you to explore and experience each piece as you see fit.

Magic: In our work, magic is another name for transformation of an entity from one form to another. Our creations invite you into a liminal wilderness characterized by an exploration of form, idea and ancient personhood. Throughout time, people have gathered in collective spaces to share and renew our narratives of the world. Magic exists in the place where we encounter the other, challenge ourselves, and allow for unseen forces to change us.
We are always interested in feedback. If you have thoughts, suggestions or ideas, let us know. 

Interested in becoming a co-creator? Here are some options:
- Nurture. When you share yur resources with us, you nurture our continued creation and the sustainability of the work
- Create or contribute. We need collaborators. It's built into our DNA. There are as many ways to share as their are passionate creators. What are you passionate about?
- Come and see. Oftentimes our experiences are difficult to describe. This isn't an accident. We value nuance and an adventurous spirit. Don't wait for spoilers. Come and see.

  1. We are darkness in the flesh. We are chaos wrapped in skin. We are the force that cannot be tamed.

    O, SEA

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