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Who we are...
TAPROOT exists to penetrate deep into the heart of what gives our community life, strength and character. We work as a collaborative ensemble to bring those things to the surface that challenge existing standards and encourage new cultural growth. Our work is original, innovative, immersive and socially conscious.

We build performance work from the ground up in a collective space. Our creative work takes risks and has an honest, clear, fresh vision. We strive for excellence in all things out of respect for our craft and those who have gone before us. We focus on projects that explore relevant ideas and produce unique performance experiences.

We are a collective of artists looking to revitalize our communities through the use of unique and original performance pieces that reflect and challenge the communities within which we function. We create art by and for our communities under the influence of cultural concerns. Our work leaves room for the audience's imagination, but toys with spectacle.

TAPROOT currently operates out of Charlotte, NC and Austin, TX. Click the link below for more information about what's happening where.

“Drawing from devised forms of theatre performance, … [TAPROOT] built[s] each production through a improvisatory method emphasizing group input over the traditional director-to-actor delivery. This is an admirable feat in most any performance circle. It’s nearly unheard of in Charlotte.”
- Hannah Levinson, Charlotte Viewpoint
TAPROOT Charlotte

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