What we do
We prefer to think of the work we do as experiences rather than shows. We make these experiences together, in space, with you. Each experience exists around a framework that we offer to you with an invitation, a wink and an outstretched hand. 
  1. NoVacancy
    Fully immersive and interactive visual and performance event built in a vacant warehouse. Featuring over 80 different artists and events, NoVacancy invoked the use of game mechanics, technology, community dialogue and sensory experience to invite a conversation about displacement and gentrification.
  2. O, Sea
    A ritual performance experience. An invitation to willing witnesses. Featured at the Network of Ensemble Theatres National Gathering (Seattle), BOOM! Festival (Charlotte), FronteraFest (Austin) and The Brick (NYC). O, Sea utilizes ancient and contemporary ritual elements to tell a story of gendered violence and offer safer space.
  3. DinnerBell
    A southern meal, a hootenanny, an awkward conversation. DinnerBell (An Impolite Guide to Southern Conversation) builds on stories from collaborators and audiences to celebrate and challenge the culture that exists around the geographic history of the southeast US. Developed in tandem with Breathing Arts Company (Bari, Italy).
  4. This Message Must Be Consumed
    A game show about polarized opinions and the difficulty of maintaining nuance and humanity in the face of media messaging. Willing participants engage in a series of games where nuance takes a backseat and your hosts make a play for absolute agreement. Featuring original music by Advertisement and a lot of food.
  5. Ophelos
    A retelling of the Scandinavian folktale of Amleth through the lense of cyclical violence. Told through shadow, movement, poetry, and music, Ophelos offers a bleak look at vengence and the voice that drives our anger to violent ends.
  6. Freda
    A fantastical journey from loss to struggle told through movement and sound. Created in collaboration with UMAR artists. Child escapes an oppressive regime after losing Mother. A magical guide, a memory and a song serve as companions on the road to peace.